La Cosecha Harvest Festival at Enos Garcia Elementary


All of Enos Garcia Elementary School's classes are invited out to Parr Field over the course of several days to harvest the field in preparation for La Cosecha, or Harvest Festival


Kale grows beautifully in Taos. The kids are enthusiastic about it too! They love making kale salad and smoothies. 


The students harvested and washed the carrots used for the festival. The joy gained from harvesting and cleaning carrots is hard to beat.


After the harvest is brought in, the La Cosecha. Students make apple cider,  traditional chicos, roasted corn and butter while sampling blue corn pancakes and rating salsa made from local restaurants.  


Students "shop" the farmers market where they are able to collect and then take home a bag full of veggies that they helped to grow.


Students take turns at grinding apples to make cider. Local apples were generously donated by a parent. Many volunteers helped make this event a success for the students.

2018 La Cosecha at Enos Garcia

Thank You to all the Volunteers and Enos Garcia Staff that helped make this an incredibly fun event!


Sweet Corn fresh from the Horno


Bringing in the Harvest