About Us


Micah Roseberry

Micah Roseberry has been an organic farmer and educator for over 25 years. Four years ago, while on a teaching assignment in Mexico, Micah saw that the future of food sovereignty, the health of the environment and the future of the children were deeply intertwined. After returning to the United States, she started the Farmhouse Café and Bakery as well as the Farmhouse School Lunch program with the intention of building a stronger local farming network that supports the bright potential of students by feeding them vital local foods.

Connie White

Connie White has been an elementary school educator in Taos for the last 25 years. She has been instrumental in getting kids into gardens by helping to develop two school gardens at Enos Garcia Elementary School. She often acts as an advocate for both the children and the gardens. Her students through the years have fond memories of gardening with her and have developed a love of healthy natural food due to her efforts.

Lissy Anderson

Lissy Anderson earned a Bachelors of Science in Sustainable Living with an emphasis on Sustainable Agriculture at Maharishi University Of Management. She worked in southeast Iowa as a local food coordinator connecting local farms to school lunch programs before joining the Growing Community Now crew. Her dedication to helping children connect with healthy eating habits and garden are an invaluable asset to our program.

Nikki Cain

Nikki Cain has been a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, an elementary school art educator and a lifelong gardener. Working as a garden educator gives her the opportunity to focus on what she considers one of the most important aspects of life; working to insure that children have the opportunity to grow up to lead healthy lives in a clean and diverse environment.

Angie Fernadez

Angie Fernandez is a lifestyle educator and consultant. She works with children and adults to create a lifestyle of wellness through a balance of physical, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, social, emotional and financial well-being. Angie is also a community builder and activist, promoting the protection of land, water and people through local and state partnerships. Her passion for sustainability has included experience with natural building, zero waste living, community gardening, and non-violent conflict resolution with various youth organizations.