Local Harvest Cooking Classes

Teaching students how to prepare & serve foods that they grow And Inspiring Healthy Food Choices

  • Teaching Students about the Health Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals Found in Organic Produce and Grains
  • How to Safely Prepare and Serve Food
  • Knowledge of Plants from Seeds to Recipe
  • Simple recipes that are easy to recreate at home 
  • Inspiring Students to like New Foods that are Healthy and Nutritious

Teachers, Parents, and Grandparents tell us that their students have become  more interested in healthy, fresh foods and will request produce like kale and beets for recipes at home. Also shared  are recipes and stories about gardens. Agriculture and Traditional Foods are a lively mainstay in Northern New Mexico and exciting to  help inspire a new generation.


News Letter Announcing the Expansion of our programming at enos garcia elementary, taos, N.M.