Local Harvest Cooking Classes

Blue Corn Muffins

In the winter, gardening classes shift into cooking classes where students have the chance to learn recipes using foods that they have grown. 

Peeling Garlic

Cooking with preschoolers engages their senses. Kids at UNM Taos Kids Campus enjoyed peeling garlic.

Trying Out New Foods

After harvesting pumpkins at Taos Valley Farms, the toddlers made pumpkin soup. Although it was different in color from other soups, they eat it up and asked for seconds.

Bringing It Home

We took the pre-k class at UNM Taos Kids Campus to an orchard to harvest apples. On the next visit to the school, we made apple sauce with the kids. After taking the apple sauce and canning it, we brought it back and sent it home with kids. A full circle for the kiddos.  

Kids Choice

Students at Enos wanted to learn how to make pizza quesadillas They loved how easy it was to make. Recipes in hand, they headed home to try it out with their families. 

Learning Skills

This winter we wanted to introduce hummus to the students at UNM Taos Kids Campus. In order to give it a memorable twist, we added beets to a second batch and turned the hummus pink. They all agreed that the pink shared by the beets was delicious.