Farm & Garden Trips

Hands on


Positive, healthy memories  can turn into life long habits when given the opportunity. Harvesting and hauling apples makes eating them taste even more delicious!

Helping Hands


Preschool and Middle School students work together to harvest onions.

Outdoor Classrooms


Bringing children out to farms gives them  hands experiences with the elements needed in farming; fresh air, clean water and healthy soil.

Sensing Nature


Field trips present an opportunity to engage all of the students senses. Sense impressions are a critical learning tool for the young student.

Learning to Appreciate


A deep appreciation for nature develops out of early positive experiences that allow for enjoying the grandness of it all.

Planting Seeds


Helping children of all ages plant seeds while giving both, the children and the seeds, the opportunity to grow in connection with each other is one of the most radical things you can do for a sustainable future.