School Tasting Events

Students try new foods that they helped to prepare

Hands on activities help bring students into a closer relationship with their food. Making Kale Smoothies was such a hit that students took home the recipe to try out with their folks.

Hands on Activities

Students at Taos International Charter School prepare spinach for a salad tasting. Our focus was to introduce a salad bar and the concept of eating a colorful plate. 

Corn Grinding

Students ground Blue Corn and tasted Blue Corn Muffins. It was so much fun to grind the corn that even the staff couldn't resist having a go at it.

Salad Fresh From the Garden

Students made salads from vegetables grown in Parr Field. Many of the students wanted seconds and even thirds!

Yummy Summer Snacks

Asian coleslaw was a favorite with the kids at summer camp this year. Students learned about the benefits of eating a variety of colors from vegetables using produce they helped grow.  

Enriching the Experience

Students listen to Farmer Lissy as she demonstrates how to make home made salad dressing from scratch. Students were excited to learn how easy it is to prepare a healthy dressing.