A Recipe For Success

A Taste for Nature

Our events are dedicated to students walking away with an appreciation for fresh, healthy foods and with knowledge about who, what, and where the food came from. 

  • Featuring Organic Vegetables, Fruits & Grains that are grown in the School Garden or Locally 
  • Meet the Farmer  - Who  Grows ?
  • Presentations about How and Where Produce is Grown
  • What Produce Looks Like from Field to Table
  • Recipes & Food Demonstrations 
  • Hands On Experience
  • Sharing Nutritional Information
  • Garden Memory Boards that Feature Students Working in Their Gardens & Cooking Food Together

Thumbs Up!

Students are asked to give their opinion at the end of their food tasting experience. By giving a Thumbs Up or adding a check on the Tally Board most of the time they are telling us they love fresh, healthy food.